maandag 18 april 2011

Opdracht 1 Making the City week 13 ARTCODE + DOCENTOPL.

The project in which I am working on now is based on gathering visual information related with the space around us. Which is (area? Harbor? Theme?)
The work your work? (sounds very objective) is shown as a set of transparent and hermetic bags that content different kind of human manufactured and natural objects, hanging on the wall and separated at the same distantce, creating a square of five lines and five columns. From those bags, labels show numbers in this way: 10 – 604. The first number tells you the order in which the object was collected. The second one, a number of steps. Difficult to understand if you have not seen the work?
Next to that, in another wall, tiny pictures mix images of natural environments, neighborhoods and building areas, organized on a timeline and showedn as a documentation of a run. The disposition of the pictures creates a long line that remains the idea of progression.
The way to show all the information is clean, impersonal not showing your handwriting? As abstract as possible? and concise, trying to be as more objective as possible, concept only altered by the disposition of the images and objects that, obviously, create a lecture and an interpretation.
The, at first, totally out of context objects (without relation with the pictures, without relation among them) get related by the fact of an intention, by the simply compilation of them. Is that your message? What’s the link to the harbor?
After all, a way to simply show the basic human acts: to catalogue —objects, species— and mark off—spaces, values—.

This text is a little bit too long. Your describe your idea quite comprehensible. But for someone who has not seen your work, it’s quite difficult to understand where this idea is coming from. Is your message the last sentence? What’s the link with the city, the water?

Oculart is a playful and visionary internet art piece that transcends the everyday, using Flash in a way that stuns one's expectations and emotional reasoning. Is a really original because and enigmatic website that mixes audiovisuals and poems pressing on the different links.
Here a capture of one of the applications:

This is more personal and shows your enthusiasm. The second assignment that I sent you today, has the same questions. So you can skip that one!

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