donderdag 14 april 2011


TITLE:” The color of music”

IDEA: Performance using color , lights, music, silence, space, time and body. Union between artist and city.

ANALYSE: Because of I do not have a work space in Piushaven area; I have been working outside, in the street during two weeks. The conclusion of this work has been realizing that people from the neighbourhood want to know what an artist could be doing around their houses. The idea of find some art demonstration it has been usually so new and strange for them. Finally, I took from my experience the fact to could find smiles caused by my work in the street. I am waiting for the moment to have a studio in the area for be able to know better what the harbor environment needs and what I can give to it.

IMAGEPLAN: Performance at the rotunda next to the canal, called Voetboogplein, this square consists in a circle of bushes and one path around this circle; also there is a space with only earth, it seems one entry but it is not. My performance will consist in interact with these bushes, using the path, building in this kind of door a platform designed in mind to go up and down looking for the color from above, from the floor level and from between the bushes. This place has shape of loop, infinity, one of the primary shapes which human learns. I will use for the platform, a resistant material to the weather, like wood or plaster; it has to be enough hard material to support the weight of my body, it will be adapted to the path´s size and also the movements of the happening. I will use colorful powder, natural or artificial pigments for blow them under the power of spotlights, which will be between five and ten. Perhaps I could manipulate the streetlights. The developing of this performance will depends totally from the live music, for this I will work with one or two flautists.

SCHEDULE: For the moment I cannot give a concrete timetable, I will make it when I will agree with the musicians.

ESTIMATE OF COSTS: I will see it when I will start with the practice proofs.


Hille: He advised me about the natural light troubles for the presentation day, maybe too late but also possible. He gave me the idea of ask for turn off the streetlights.

Aly: She told me about the possibility to introduce movement in the sound, also to make union with my previous own work and this project. We spoke about feel what I want to transmit and the best way to do it, as this is a project in develop, I think in the end I will find it.

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