maandag 4 april 2011

North/South investigation

We investigated what the divide between the north and south sides of the harbor was really like by interviewing residents of each side. Here are quotes of what people from the north and south areas of the harbor said about the opposite sides and their own side.

North- they're different people I don't notice it it's working class they have a different culture there is a big kindergarten not safe I don't notice it they are a close community we have too much dogshit we like our privacy our traffic is very bad we need a kindergarten i'd like a shopping mall we need a park we need to be more social we need the new bridge the new bridge is ridiculous

South-north gets given everything they think we mean trouble they have a better location their side of the harbour is nicer i don't notice the difference they're richer their traffic is unsafe they walk with their chins held high we don't socialise with them the government sees no potencial in us the government makes excuses we are a close community we support each other i don't notice any difference we need more public space i like the idea of a new bridge the new bridge is a waste

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