dinsdag 26 april 2011

Assignment 2 Making the City week 15 ARTCODE + TEACHING

At first, my project is focus on a general public that have never seen my work before, so I pretend to describe it as much as possible to create a mental image and make it understandable. To do this, I introduce the text from a subjective point of view, describing the concept I am working with, why it calls my attention and what I pretend to reach with this project.
To make it easier to the reader and create an idea how it can look like or which concept I am interested in, I also talk about some artists who work in a similar way to my future project. After that, the text turns more and more objective, describing the location and how it is going to look like, and finally giving some technical details.
The most important in my project is what I pretend with it, my interest related with the concept and how important is the landscape around the piece that will give the sense of it.

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