woensdag 13 april 2011

Last part of the pojectplan

“Representación circular 1”

Create emphasis on the reality by showing its representation in a different scale.

The Piushaven harbor and its surrounds are an interesting place conditioned by social and economic divisions due to its history of the last century. The textile industry was an important factor on the developing, immigrations and emigrations of the area, fact that also determinate the modest social position of one side of the harbor.
And having the chance to contribute with a little piece of art and culture, I want to focus my project on joining the environment and interacting with it, being as important as the piece exhibited.

Mi project is composed by one piece placed around the Piushaven canal. It has a 1,3m. Diameter and shows the real landscape image that the piece hide, but shown with a bigger scale.
The image is a printed vinyl sticker on a 3 mm. PVC sheet, and fit into a same shape structure made with metal. Screwed on this structure, two legs will make it to stand on the ground.

Appointment with Hille Pijlman → We discussed about the shape, the concept and the idea of the project, fact that helped me to create a more mature speech about it.

Appointment with Alan Boom → He likes how the Project shows the change around the landscape by the fact that the image is part of the reality, but a static reality respect the context. While everything changes, the image will be there as a memory, but also as representation of reality.
He is also worried about the location, to avoid any possible damage. 

More specific information related with schedule and costs will be shown at the presentation.

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