woensdag 23 maart 2011


From Rotterdam Centraal Station to Rotterdam Zuid I could see huge, strong and stable buildings, ships, sculptures...
Everything was magnified and structured in a way that I, as a spectator of the city, I felt absorbed by it.
I think the magnitude the city shows is good for it, it seems to me to have a secure image about itself.
Amongst it all I missed something closer to me, to make contrast with this magnitude of the city.
From my point of view as a visitor and also a creator, I would add something close to the human, weaker, ephemeral and similar to human size to look at it at the same level.
A sculpture made with a ephemeral material in which the weather and animals living in the area can play a roll could work.
I think bread is a good material for this prototype because is close to the daily human life, it can change with weather conditions and animals will take part in it easily.

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  1. usual creators reply with great and fast.
    your idea is small and slow.
    bread, wonderful, I am curious how...


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