woensdag 11 mei 2011

Development of the project

From the confusion concept to the performance plan, going now through the happening and installation path at the street in Piushaven area.
For let clear what a happening is, here there is a definition collected from several books: line between art and life should stay fluent, and maybe vague; all improvisation are happening in the sense that none of the participants is sure what is going to happen; non-sequential, unpredictable even to the artist; the amateur makes the ritual a sort of therapy. Random in the creative process, body´s value, sexuality, and desires to break the passivity of the spectator are some of the happening´s features.
I will be working each day during two weeks between happening and installation at the street, at least that is the point where my project is right now. It is a kind of poetic game in the way to interact with everything and everyone.
I will see wich is the final and I will find the connection between all my work during this period.
My project is in constant development.

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