zondag 10 april 2011

Project plan - “A New Bridge”

What is it with me and bridges, huh? :)

My preliminary idea for the project is a typographic sculpture the content of which is provided by the people living around the Piushaven area.

During our research we interviewed many people who live in the Piushaven area. We found out that in general the residents seemed to have quite contrasting attitudes and opinions towards people living on the opposite side. Nevertheless, in the middle of this “thought chaos” there were glimpses of similar ideals, “bridges” that connect the people despite of their differences.

My plan (this is only preliminary, there will be changes) is to take this “thought chaos” and come up with a typographic sculpture where these “bridges” are emphasized in a special way. The sculpture, approx. 70x100x7cm (WxHxD) is made of transparent plexi glass. It will be cut in half (two parts), but a special mechanism allows them to be connected together. The shape of the division resembles the Piushaven canal, which, also in real life, seems to act as a divider for these two very different areas. This physical division of the sculpture - and taking the parts to different locations, away from each other - creates tension and hopefully makes the viewer curious about where the rest of it is and what happened to it. Reading the text will also be difficult without the other piece, which, in my opinion, is a strong symbolism.

Below are some sketches of the sculpture. I already got some creative feedback from the project mentors about my idea, and there will be some subtle changes to this one. But more about that on some future blog entry.

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