maandag 11 april 2011

Personal Project

The start point from my project was my interest about collage and it quality to mix and reinterpretate realities that at first belong to different contexts. This expression, at first related with 2D, is also really interesting when you focus on tridimensional composition, as artists like El Lissitzky did (on a really experiment way) and George Rousse usually do. The theme, to sum up as much as possible, is to confuse and mix point of views, perspectives and images. How is the question. As you can see on the sketches, I pretend to create a kind of zoom on the landscape. The zoom shows exactly the same image that is on its back, but closer to de viewer. It will make the viewer has the sensation that something, in his usually view, is changed. Is changed by the size of the perspective, but also can be changed because of the different seasons and the progression of days and nights that will make the shadows change their direction, or the leaves fall, for instant…. So the real landscape, the location —in this case, Piushaven— and its inhabitants will be who create, and at the same time will transform, the sense of the image. 

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  1. This reminds me the work of JEPPE HEIN.
    He had made ​​something for Lustwarande
    look here:

  2. Thanks a lot! It will help me with my project.I didn't know him before.


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