donderdag 31 maart 2011


On Monday we went to the abandoned Aabe factory on the South side of the harbour here are some photos we took and information we found out about the factory

Aabe, short for "The Royal AaBe wool and blanket factories," was derived from Beka and existed from 1816. In the heyday of the factory had about 1250 employees.
In Tilburg there were numerous textile mills. In the 50s the city was promoted as “Tilburg the wool capital”. Over the years more and more companies closed the doors.
After establishing the EEC in 1957, Europe and lost all kinds of trade barriers. Also outside Europe, the competition grew.
The industrialized countries were confronted with imports of cheap textiles from developing countries.
Reorganizations, takeovers and mergers could not turn the tide: many textile mills in the 60s and 70’s were closed, and machinery sold, and workers lost their jobs. Aabe had very hard times but managed to stay open. During the 80s and 90s they had specialized in the manufacture of technical textiles for furniture and fireproof aviation.
But in 1996 Aabe went bankrupt. A restart was made under the name Aabe Textiles BV, but this company went bankrupt in September 2008.

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